How does Radionic Balancing work?

On the basis of information found in the analysis, it is possible to compile a balancing programme. This means that all values which you have tested in OF/UF analysis as being greater than 7, are balanced. Furthermore, the corresponding rate is once again set on the instrument (in our example above: the rate for the respiratory tract), the specimen (blood or hair) of the patient is placed in the instrument and it is switched to “balance mode”. It may also be possible for the set rates to be supplemented by homoeopathic remedies or flower essences which are also placed in the instrument.

The set information is then transferred to the patient by remote action of the patient’s specimen, by which means the corresponding energies of the patient are balanced.

In the case of instruments with EECS it is also possible to store complex balancing programmes on card.

Depending on the nature and duration of the illness, a balancing period may last from several minutes to as much as several hours. The number of repeat balancing operations and the intervals between individual balancing operations must also be guided by the nature and duration of the illness.

This was just a brief outline of the features on our instruments. It is not possible to explain all the functions in detail here, but if you have any particular questions please contact our laboratories for further assistance.