Copenlabs Instruments and programs are designed to identify imbalances in the subtle energy field caused by illness or stress, etc and re-balance by the use of Radionic Rates and energetic patterns to reduce negative energies, balance the aura and subtle energy field of the Individual.

Copenlabs Instruments and programs are research tools and are not to be considered in any way as a replacement for Standard Medical Analysis, therapy or medication, etc but may be used with standard medical care to produce a more holistic synergetic form of analysis and therapy.

We do not diagnose or prescribe Medication or any other medical treatment.

Radionic treatment takes place at a non-physical level and as a result of this it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects.

It is important to denote to our online and offline community that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality in the market, for this reason we can guarantee our products for 3 years.

Be warned about other websites and Facebook pages that are claiming to sell our Products like the MK12, ASLD95 and EVP. Do not let yourself be fooled, as they sell really low quality, defective and non-guaranteed products. It’s also important to mention that they do not have the technology or the knowledge to manufacture our products.

You can also note that the prices of these pirate sellers are very high compared to ours.

Our Software CARE ND C11 is being pirated with false licenses for Windows 8 OS. We remind you that purchasing a pirated software destroys the authors rights and is a felony.

We only want to warn our great community so you can take the necessary actions and prevent yourself from being a victim and loose money.