Our History

Dr. Bruce Copen in 1947 started to develop Radionic Instruments in Brighton/Sussex U.K. From the outset, Dr. Copen specialized in the fields of radiesthesia, radionics, electronic homoeopathy and related topics in alternative treatments and therapy for health related topics.

Dr. Bruce Copen is recognized worldwide as being the Founding Father of modern radionics. He was a researcher in the field and achieved a status of international acknowledgment because of his countless published books in regards to his endeavor in the field of radionics. He was an entrepreneur, an inventor, a charismatic Englishman and overall had a human spirit unlike any other.

Indeed not only the originator of many movements and organizations worldwide, he was a prominent philosopher, with a sight for the future to a great degree. Interestingly, back when computers as we know them today were not usual, circa late 60s, Bruce Copen went forth and dubbed the inventions of his “radionic computers”. Many procedures were conventionalized by him, in the likes of radionics and bio-resonance, and later became the norm, as well as in the field of automated diagnosis, electronic homeopathy research, information storage in cards, and Chromotherapy using his rates system. Dr. Bruce Copen, additionally to his dedication to the making of radionic tools, wrote over sixty books. Topics in psychology, homeopathy, naturopathy and metaphysics were common to him.

Our equipment is still made in the same fasion as when Dr. Bruce Copen was among us, for the casings are still made of handcrafted wood in our workshops, by skilled technitians under the principals and inherited guidance of Dr. Bruce Copen. This in conjunction with all the very latest electronic testing equipment and assembly parts, all go to serve our users and community members worldwide, making sure that everyone gets only the very best of this type of equipment. We are the world’s leading manufacturers of this kind of instruments, and our long experience is supported by constant satisfaction of our clients. CopenLabs is a company that continues and enhances Dr. Copen's philosophy for analog radionic instruments. We assemble and distribute each one of the instruments from the first models all the way to the most sophisticated ASLD models, to the newly developed Quantum Care Unit, yet we will always recognize the most popular instrument of all time, the Mark 12, also known as MK12.


The beauty and simplicity of CopenLabs Instruments will always characterize them above other radionic devices, as well as bio-feedback instruments.

In 1947 the Y-Model, considered his official and first instrument for radionics research, was first presented by Dr. Bruce Copen

Dr. Bruce Copen using Dowsing and Pendulum

In the 1950’s, Dr. Bruce Copen’s radiesthetic abilities were already well recognized. It was during this time that he also dedicated himself to the act of searching for missing things and people with his abilities, and in doing so.

In early 1951, also supported Scotland Yard in the case of the coronation stone, which was reportedly mugged from Westminster Abbey during the holiday season in December of the prior year.

EVP Bruce Copen

In the 1960's Dr. Bruce Copen started to investigate in colour filters for therapeutic purposes. In this time, the Electro Vibro Potentiser was developed, following the fundaments in radionics applied to homeopathy; this invention lead to the capability to copy the informational source of any homeopathic remedy into a neutral transporter material, or even to replicate them by using radionic-rates of homeopathic remedy by adjusting the fine tunings of the radionic instrument.

MK2 Bruce Copen

In 1966, Dr. Bruce Copen began reproducing a collection of books and lectures on audio cassettes, published several magazines such as “The Seeker” and Natural Therapeutics, at the same time presenting the Radionic Computer MK2 model (model still available), considered by many to be a beginners instrument guide into radionics.

Coloronic Instrument Bruce Copen

In the 1970's, Dr. Bruce Copen invented the Coloronic Instrument. Neither filters nor spotlights needed, since it implemented and recreated the signature rate of the substance informational constitution. The book “A rainbow of Health” was released, along with “Magic of the Aura”, which are great reads to understand this additional way to re-balance the human auric field.

Coloronic Instrument Bruce Copen In 1971, the portable Chromotherapy Colour Lamp, the leader of its kind, was released by Dr. Bruce Copen.

EECS Bruce Copen It was in the 1980´s, that the MK7 and MK12 were released during this decade and Dr. Bruce Copen developed the Electronic Encoded Card System, or EECS for short, which is the use of magnetic bands and applied on the aforementioned instruments as well as in the Automatic Selector Potentiser models.

These cards are used in various operations and multiple purposes.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASL/89/7F In 1989, the instruments which gave the operator the capacity to obtain the Simile in an automated form were born when the ASL Series Potentisers were released, which came, and still do, with over Twenty Six Hundred electronic homeopathic remedy rates installed internally.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASLD/90 In the 1990s, the ASLD90, both portable and desktop versions, offered the operator the capability to save her/his own Remedy Rates in the Memory of the ASL Potentizer, the first in its nature worldwide to include this stunning feature.

Automatic Selector Potentiser Model ASLD/95/PR2 In 1995, the newly developed ASLD/95/PR2/SB was released to the radionics community worldwide as a more progressive version of the ASLD90 model. It is still available today and considered the most versatile and advanced model, and since it can be now incorporated with our CARE C11 software, it bridges the gap between the best of analog and digital work in radionics.

Dr. Bruce Copen In 1998, our great mentor Dr. Bruce Copen suddenly passes on, whilst at his house in, West Sussex, Danehill, in May of this year.