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Due to various problems in conventional homoeopathy, both in terms of selection, production and preperation of remedies, Ruth Drown arrived at the idea of transferring the principles of radionics to homoeopathy.

Thus, for example, it is very time-consuming precisely to determine the appropriate homoeopathic remedy, and is often made harder because of lack of self-awareness in patients. In the second stage, the required homoeopathic remedy is often not in stock and is not likely to be available until several days have elapsed, or not in the required potency.

Consequently, there was a search for an accurate procedure which would make it possible :

1. To test the homoeopathic remedy (in particular if several remedies were available according to the Materia Medica) 2.To reproduce (produce) the homoeopathic remedy in the form of its specific content of information

Drown’s first tests produced positive results and led to “electronic homoeopathy” or “new homoeopathy”. Thus the therapist has the opportunity of testing a similar or appropriate homoeopathic remedy (simile or similimum) and can imprint the specific informational content of this remedy himself, on a carrier substance (production).


Testing the appropriate homoeopathic remedy

Dr. Bruce Copen developed Ruth Drown’s concept further to produce his “Electronic Vibro Potentiser” (EVP). With the EVP, you can test a homoeopathic remedy either on the basis of a test substance or a corresponding rate. Essentially, the procedure is the same as for radionic analysis, except that instead of the rates for organs and symptoms, you refer to the rates for the homoeopathic remedy, nosode, flower essences, Schussler salts, etc.

The great advantage of radionics by comparison with other test methods is that you do not require any test sets. All of the information which you require can be generated from rates. This gives rise to entirely new possibilities for remedies for which there had previously been no remedy providing (e.g. the period system of elements, radioactive materials, allopathic medicaments). This gives rise to fresh possibilities, particularly for diagnostic therapies.

The corresponding specific informational content of a homoeopathic situation can be characterised on a carrier substance by means of the EVP.

Depending on the model, you have available a range of potency of X1 to X9,000 and C1 to MM10 in the “F” spectrum up to MMMMM90 (9×10³¹). Q- (or LM-) potencies are optionally obtainable up to (LM 9,000).


The Carrier Substance

The carrier substance employed, after separation of all original materials with no medical value, such as sugar globules, alcohol (oral), NaCl (for injections) etc, and also other material such as magnetic foil (for transdermal application therapy according to Dr. Hannemann, Switzerland).


Transfer mode

In transfer mode you can imprint the specific informational content of any substances on a carrier substance such as alcohol, magnetic foil, etc, with any EVP. In this context you have an arbitrary choice of variation in potencies. For example, from a sulphur C200 as the starting substance, it is possible to produce a sulphur X6. In the range of diagnostic therapy, and nosode therapy, this gives rise to completely new possibilities, because the carrier substance contains no physical components of the starting substance and hence, for example, no alien albumen.


Memory Locations

With ASL series potentisers, the Bruce Copen Laboratories introduced the first equipment, in the 1980’s, which offered the possibility of storage of the informational content of any desired remedies. Thus, it was possible for the first time for users to store their own remedies within the radionic system and to reproduce them.


Auto Simile Finder

With the Laser Solitron technology developed by the Bruce Copen Laboratories, it is possible, by means of the ASL series potentisers and the optional AUTO-Simile function of radionic instruments, for the instrument automatically to search for the simile and to have it produced. Accordingly, all that is done is to place a patient specimen in the instrument and to switch the auto simile finder on.

With ASL potentisers, it is possible to set the potency range (mother tincture, X or C potencies, F/1, F/2 or F/3 range, option of LM-potencies). A timer is used to imprint the established information onto a carrier substance.


The Advantages of Radionics

The advantage of radionics is that:

1. Neither for testing nor production of remedies is it necessary to have an original remedy available, because the remedy can always be simulated by the corresponding rate
2. You have total freedom of decision making as to the choice of potency (the best option is to test!)
3. You obtain entirely new methods and possibilities in therapy (especiallly for diagnostic processes).

With the Copen EVP-System, your homoeopathic dispenser is available to you 365 days per year and 24 hours a day.