Fraud Warning

Dear New Visitors and Existing Community Members

This topic was considered irrelevant until some clients had asked us to clarify through various means, and while we have no intention whatsoever of speaking false or harshly against any person or institution, we can no longer keep quiet about the once respected Bruce Copen Germany company, who recently hired a team of people from China and the Czech Republic to practice defamation and false accusations marketing strategies in order to compete against us CopenLabs Company.

This is a clear demonstration of weakness from the perspective of being a professional company, and speaks of the level of delusion and nonsense companies can stoop to in order to advertise and position themselves with the keywords of our successful website,; it is clear that envy holds no quarter for arrogance.

Bruce Copen Germany Company even went ahead and dared to use the name of our company members, e.g. “Scott Williams CopenLabs”, just so they can show up in Internet browsers so they could try and mislead people and stop them from acquiring our equipment! This is foolish and childish. Again, jealousy and greed hold no boundaries for a once respected German company who now has to hire intellectual-property-robbers, who swap the name/appearance/technological advancement of hardware and software of other companies and call it their own; we demand they let people know that their products are made in China and no longer follow the philosophy of our great mentor Dr. Bruce Copen. On top of that we have information that they are speaking badly of our software and instruments just to boast their product, this is to another example of sheer and utter resentment when a company can’t compete fairly at all against another.

Our prices are not inflated and accessible to most professionals and laymen alike; we provide 3-year warranty on our technology, offer hands-on and follow-up product training and have an international community that helps each other. It is clear they admit that our products and services are superior to theirs with these unwise actions they have taken.

We have concrete evidence that a man by the name of Rodney Robinson who is operating from Spain has been fraudulently attempting to distribute without any authorization our copyright intellectual property software, CARE C11, as well as plagiarize our company name and brand logo in his pirated modifications of our software and that is a felony according to international copyright laws..

We tried to warn many about his impersonations in regards to a long retired distributor and about the problems that arose from our technology being pirated by his organization, such as people being handed faulty-low-quality units, receiving our pirated and adulterer radionics software and this to malfunction too, no professional service being given to them post-sale, and even instruments being received after 3 MONTHS of purchase (unfortunately, just to name a few). It had already been said and we tried to warn people that Rodney Robinson is an impersonator and a conman who pretends to be in full and direct and only contact with “Barry Craft”, when everyone knows that he has been inactive since years ago.

We hereby state that we DO NOT authorize Rodney Robinson to sell or distribute any of our products, specially our intellectual property, which is our CARE C11 software that he has been fraudulently advertising in his personal website.

If you are a victim of this man and the website aforementioned, we urge you to denounce him to the FTC, FBI, and the Interpol for brand copyright infringement and intellectual property piracy infringement.

If you think or suspect you have a counterfeit instrument we urge you to please give us a call to our numbers: +1 415-704-5004, +44-1-978-806-123, or write us an email to

Our company will continue to work as it has and we are thankful to each individual that believed in us all the way since we first noticed this infringement, for our commitment is with providing and making quality and warrantied radionics-instruments for our community members since 1996, just like Bruce Copen would have wanted.

We understand that our brand´s name has been tainted by the obfuscated conversations that took place over Facebook forums, and even though the defamation may unfortunately continue it will never be our aim to convince anyone of what we attempted to speak out in the beginning; at this point the facts speak for themselves and here is collected evidence.

Screenshot of the pirated and modified CARE C11 that Rodney Robinson distributes

Picture of a fake CARE ND instrument running a pirated and modified that Rodney Robinson distributes

Picture of the PCB board reading BFInstruments inside a fake CARE ND instrument that Rodney Robinson distributes.

Please help us stop these delinquents and imposters located in Spain.

We will reply and solve your questions as briefly as possible; there is always an agent for a member of the CopenLabs community to help you channel and sort out a related issue.